We are Husky Envelope. Michigan's premier envelope company, converting up to 5 million envelopes each day. Our mission is to design, manufacture, and distribute the world's finest quality envelopes. While maintaining impeccable standards in customer service, safety, and production.

Husky Envelope Products, Inc. is a complete and full-line manufacturer of standard and specialty envelope products. In fact, Husky is one of the largest independent direct envelope manufacturers in the nation. We're large enough to produce millions of envelope products each day; and we inventory several hundred different types of envelopes for your immediate needs; it doesn't matter unless we perform for you. What really matters is fulfilling your envelope requirements right, on-time!

Husky's employees work hard to provide you with worry-free processing of your orders. We monitor the details, elements, and nuances of each order to assure proper flow of materials and production. In addition production is assisted by our customized computer scheduling and inventory system that provides quick, accurate information and close control of every phase of production. The production controls and dedication of our people make it possible to consistently produce complicated jobs as well as meet tight schedules with pressure deadlines.

Here our afternoon shift finishes a large contract for the government.

Though we have high speeds our quality is never sacrificed. We have quality control people on every shift. Their sole responsibility is to move from machine to machine and make detailed checks for ink, printing, copy, windows, gumming, insertability and cleanliness. Throughout the entire process of fulfilling your order, we take the extra steps to do it right. Your proof is Husky's long-term relationships with our customers.

Husky prides itself on being a true professional in the envelope industry. We earn your confidence, order after order. You'll experience a company that has the creativity, knowledge, equipment, facilities and desire to meet your needs no matter how large or small. Husky is ready to be your envelope supplier. Call today and we'll prove to you that Husky's usual is unusual and that our ordinary is extraordinary.

Husky holds an unusual position in the envelope industry. First, we offer full manufacturing and converting capabilities ranging from standard envelopes to high-quality, full-color advertising products. Secondly, we have an extensive list of stock items in inventory for custom imprinting. You can count on Husky to give an extra touch of creativity to produce the envelope products you need. We develop ideas and options, do the groundwork and work closely with you to put together an envelope most manufacturers couldn't or wouldn't touch. We find a way to do it. Whether you're a bank, utility company, corporate business, advertising agency or direct marketing firm-we utilize all of our talents, abilities and expertise to develop a professional product for you.

Dependability never gets lost in the process. Husky delivers what is promised. We'll keep you informed and put quality workmanship into every order. And with us a deadline means on-time delivery. From the moment your order starts, you'll have Husky's highly-skilled team working for you. A team that takes the time to know you and your needs. A team that carefully and closely watches every step from order entry to final delivery.

Every facet of Husky's operation is staffed by experienced envelope people. What sets us apart is our attitude-everyone makes it their personal responsibility to meet your specifications, produce quality, be responsive, deliver on-time and stand behind what we sell-without reservation. We handle every order with a great deal of care. We have available to you a graphic arts center with a large library of typefaces, litho offset, flexo in-line printing, die cutting, conversion and ancillary envelope equipment for finishing operations. We have maximum flexibility in developing your envelope product and additional flexibility through large inventories of stock envelopes. You can choose from a number of different items in various materials, sizes, colors and shapes. And each item can be custom printed with fast turnaround times. With Husky you have a diversified, yet specialized company to meet all your envelope needs.

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